Friday Fashions: Vintage Style

Check out these FABULOUS looks!

I love 1960s style.

The lines are wonderful – soft, yet geometric, with lovely texture and tailoring. Patterns, bold splashes of colour, and, best of all, whimsy. Just look at the deviltry just below the surface on Keith Moon’s face, not to mention the gleam in Pete Townshend’s eyes. Glorious. Their expressions sum up 60s fashion perfectly, brimming with barely suppressed mischief.

Not without precedent. Check out this Victorian gentleman.

Still there’s something so delightful about the 1960s. Bold, yet genteel. Wild, and restrained, and free flowing, and tailored. A study in contrasts, and as such, a reflection of the society and the time in which the fashion burst forth.



I need to carve out some time at my design table to see if I can reverse-engineer this dress:

I imagine this as a knit (maybe crochet), worked in fine, sport-weight cashmere, or perhaps mercerized cotton. Whatever – something soft, drapey, and luxurious, but with enough oomph to maintain the tailored lines.

Once I have a pattern to play with, and a few rows underway, I’ll post an update. With my current project queue, this may take a while.

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